Plastic Free Buttons

We use a sustainable alternative to plastic buttons called Corozo, made from the seeds of the Tagua tree

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Block Printing

Our shirts are made with extra soft 100% cotton that is printed in Jaipur India using a centuries old block printing method

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Artisan Craftsmanship

Artisan tailors in Kenya stitch the hand printed cotton to make our shirts, which supports our local community

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Size Chart

Style Tips


Men’s Shirts

  • A folded white shirt with floral Blue and green pattern print.


  • A folded shirt with floral red and green pattern print.


  • A folded white shirt with floral pink and brown pattern print.


  • Folded shirt with a Wild Rose labels and green and red palm trees


  • A folded turquoise shirt with floral pink and green pattern print.

    Mwana Funzi

  • A folded white shirt with blue and green leaf pattern print.


  • A folded green shirt with floral red and green pattern print.

    Sukari Kichaka

  • Folded Wild Rose Waridi shirt in white with red roses


  • A folded shirt with floral pattern print.


  • A folded shirt with Grape pattern print.



Our signature colourful designs were born out of a love for Kenya and are embraced by style-conscious fans around the world. Each shirt pays homage to the natural world and is named after local plants and flowers using their Swahili names.

The intricate designs are created using centuries-old art of block printing by artisans in Jaipur India. We also use plastic free alternative Corozo buttons sustainably sourced from the Tagua tree. Our super soft printed cotton fabric is then brought to our home land, where our head tailor and his team, stitch together the fabric, buttons and satin trim to create garments that stand the test of time.

How to Wear Printed Shirts

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