Our signature colourful designs are inspired by nature and Kenya’s rich abundance of wildlife, which is why we are proud to be partnering with the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary for World Elephant Day.

We will donate 100% of profits from all Wild Rose shirts sold on 12 August 2020 to this amazing cause that is close to our hearts, and then £10 for each shirt sold until 12 September 2020.

Situated in the remote Mathews Range, home to Kenya’s second largest elephant population, Reteti is the first community-owned elephant sanctuary in East Africa and part of a growing grassroots movement of community-driven conservation across northern Kenya. 

Through our friendship with co-founder Katie Rowe, we’ve been lucky enough to see first-hand how the sanctuary rescues orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with the aim of releasing them as quickly as possible back into the neighbouring wild herds. 

As a community-owned initiative, all employees come from the local Samburu tribe, bringing employment, education and security to the region and changing the way people view the wildlife around them.

We are particularly inspired by how the sanctuary has empowered young women to become keepers – the first-ever in Africa! – overcoming initial resistance and unlocking exciting new opportunities. 

Like Reteti, Wild Rose is committed to supporting local industries, including working with artisan communities in India, Ecuador and Kenya to make our unique shirts. We also work closely with local NGOs to help street children and provide job opportunities for unemployed youths.

We firmly believe in setting an example to others about how companies can address social and environmental challenges and instigate positive change.

Not only is Reteti helping to raise and re-wild elephants, it is breaking down stereotypes and pioneering a new model for wildlife management, at the heart of this is the local community. When people realise they can benefit from healthy elephant populations, they feel invested in looking after them and the wider environment.

As a critical species, elephants are under a three-pronged threat from poaching, habitat loss and human conflict. They are also an umbrella species – and by protecting them, you also protect all the other plants and animals within that habitat.

At Wild Rose, we pay homage to that importance of the natural world by naming each shirt after local plants and flowers using their Swahili names. 

As an environmentally-conscious brand, we aim to create ‘forever’ pieces that bring joy to the wearer that celebrates craftsmanship and heritage – the antithesis of fast fashion. 

We want to make sure our products are sustainably and ethically produced as well as beautiful, which is why we are constantly looking at new initiatives and partnerships, like this one with Reteti. 

For further information on the Reteti Project see here (https://www.retetielephants.org/) and to shop our shirts and give back please visit https://wildrose.co.ke/mens-shirts/.

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