The global pandemic has caused significant uncertainties affecting our families, friends, and our businesses. It has also been a lesson in the need for kindness, empathy, and unity in our communities. As the year comes to an end, no holiday better symbolizes these qualities than Christmas. 

Over past years, Wild Rose participated in a variety of in-person Christmas Fairs in Nairobi. However, with COVID-19 cases increasing in the country, we want to contribute to reducing the spread of the virus and ensure that our customers remain safe while shopping. In doing so, we would like to replicate the experience of the in-person fairs by creating a safe virtual space for you to browse through your favorite vendors. Therefore Wild Rose is launching the Kenyan Design Collective Christmas Fai

Wild Rose is working with other Kenyan top designers and brands from the fashion, accessories, homeware, art, food, and beverage scenes to launch the fair. We hope this space will provide you with a chance to browse amazing high-quality local offerings from some up and coming small businesses in the Kenyan market. The Kenyan Design Collective will feature businesses such as Wild Rose, Rosie Sharp Designs, Kaila Fusco Designs, FusCo., Green Spoon, Sol O Vino, La Vagabonde Collection, Refuge, Home Spa Kenya, Riley Rats, among others. 

Feel free to get started via the link below. We look forward to having you!

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