Wild Rose Men’s Shirts


  • A folded white shirt with blue and green leaf pattern print.


  • A folded turquoise shirt with floral pink and green pattern print.

    Mwana Funzi

  • A folded white shirt with floral Blue and green pattern print.


  • Folded shirt with a Wild Rose labels and green and red palm trees


  • Folded Wild Rose Waridi shirt in white with red roses


  • A folded shirt with floral pattern print.


  • A folded shirt with floral red and green pattern print.


  • A folded shirt with Grape pattern print.


  • A folded white shirt with floral pink and brown pattern print.


  • A folded green shirt with floral red and green pattern print.

    Sukari Kichaka


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Wild Rose Difference

Every Wild Rose shirt is unique thanks to the individually block-printed process that goes into making them. We’re inspired by the natural world, not just in terms of design but in the traditional methods that go into making each hand-tailored, block-printed look and we finish them with ethically-sourced buttons made from Corozo seeds which are lathed to shape from the natural resource of the Tagua tree.


Learn about our journey towards sustainability with our button makers in Ecuador

Traditional Techniques

We’re helping keep centuries old traditions alive with our intricately block printed shirts


Our artisan community of tailors in Nairobi stitch our unique designs, that stand the test of time

Sizing Information

Ethical and Sustainable Men's Shirts


With Wild Rose, you’re not just buying an attractive, eye-catching shirt; you’re ensuring an ethical and sustainable way of life. Supporting our producers, our craftspeople and our tailors. We do not use plastics in our products and even the packaging is made from ethically-sourced paper.

Our community of workers include artisan tailors in Kenya, block-printers in India and button-makers in Ecuador. We support working communities around the globe to bring a product that is truly unique in every way.

We also work with NGOs to help provide job opportunities and secure futures for unemployed youths and street children. You may be buying a shirt that helps a community, provides work for an individual or feeds a family in a place that needs it the most.

Every shirt makes a difference and you’re part of that process.


How to Wear Printed Shirts



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